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Why Roofing and Why Hamilton?

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Why Roofing and Why Hamilton?

Daniel and I began our roofing careers in rural Alberta at the age of 17 and 18. One of the best things about roofing is it teaches you the importance of hard work.  I remember one day getting up at 6am and working till 2am to get a shake job done on a large house. We worked from dawn until dusk, sweating in the hot sun for all hours in between. Roofing, like many construction jobs, is hard work. Hamilton roofing is not so different from what we experienced as kids in Alberta in that regard! The difference with roofing as opposed to other construction jobs is that it is one of the few jobs that requires a lot of speed to get done.


The reason that roofing often requires so much speed is that it is the first line of defense for any house against the elements.  Especially with re-roofing where people and their possessions are occupying the home, it is incredibly important to get a new roof on so that there is no water damage.  Therefore, most roofing jobs are finished in a day or two after beginning them.  Unlike any other construction job like carpentry or electrical work it is absolutely imperative that a roof be put on quickly.  This results in long grueling hours for roofers.  Peak Roofing is founded on the principle that hard work is a good thing and that roofing is a noble profession because of that.


These grueling hours in the Alberta sun taught Daniel and I a lot of lessons about hard work.  We came to realize that in order to run a quality business it takes treating your employees well but also expecting fine workmanship from them.  Of course, these were not things that can only be learned while roofing, but we would both agree that our days in the hot sun were instrumental contributors to shaping us into the men we would become.  So why did we choose to serve Hamilton in particular with the services our roofing company offers?
Southern Ontario holds a special place in our hearts.  We believe that Hamilton represents a special combination of the blue collar work ethic we admire while also being filled with the kind of people who are excited about new innovations and improvements to our modern lifestyles that will lead to a revolution in the Hamilton roofing industry.  Daniel was raised in this burgeoning environment and has called Hamilton his home since the age of 12.  My entire extended family lives in Southern Ontario and I always thought of it as my second home.  We chose Hamilton roofing because it is an area that we know and love and believe is being transformed everyday by the incredible members of this community. We hope to play a small part in that.

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