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What You Can Expect From A Peak Roofing Installation

What You Can Expect From A Peak Roofing Installation

At Peak Roofing, we know what an important investment a new roof installation is for homeowners. That’s why from beginning to end we take pride in making sure our customers not only end up with the best finished product in the end, but a great customer experience throughout the process.


The first stage of a Peak Roofing installation takes place long before the first shingle is ever laid down on your house. From the very outset, our goal is not only to figure out how to provide homeowners with the best work possible, but also to educate them on everything from how to pick a contractor, to how to make their roof last longer, to the at times disingenuous nature of lifetime roof warranties and perhaps most importantly: whether you need a new roof in the first place. We believe that in the long term building well educated clients is a better business model than trying to tear other companies down and keep customers ignorant through slick salesmanship.


Once the paper work is completed and you’re ready to have your roof installed, we take an immense amount of pride in keeping the lines of communication open and our customers up to date and informed on the process. This should go without saying, but without naming names it is sadly not a ubiquitous practice among many companies in the Hamilton area (including and perhaps especially after the job is complete).


When the day of the installation arrives (the materials and bin will have already been delivered), the first step is to make sure the job site is well protected. While roofing can be a hazardous job, one of our primary concerns is to ensure that none of that hazard is passed on to your family or your property.

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The next step is another obvious one that again, sadly bears emphasizing. That is quite simply: doing great work. In addition to giving you a great quality roof, we also take pride in ensuring that our roofs are aesthetically pleasing. That means straight lines, no low nails and keeping the workmanship slick, tight and professional. We keep constant lines of communication between our foremen and project manager throughout the day to make sure that all our work is held to the same high standard.

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Then after the installation is complete, comes another all-too-often overlooked component of the roofing business but one we feel is as important as any other: clean up. Simply put, there is just no reason to ignore this step, although many companies cut corners here. We want to finish all our jobs leaving people wondering if there was ever a roofing crew there at all except for the fact that there’s a beautiful brand new roof installed! It’s not only aesthetically displeasing to have garbage on your property, but also dangerous if the nails haven’t been picked up. We use a very powerful magnet to make sure that all the nails are picked up!


Then after all that, comes a final inspection (usually done when we come to pick up the cheque). One last walk through the job to make sure that everything was done up to the high standards that we expect to provide for our valued customers.
To us at Peak Roofing, this is more than just a business. It’s an opportunity to provide our community with the level of care, expertise and service that we would hope to see from contractors working on our own homes! For more information or a free estimate call 905-746-5792 and we would be happy to discuss any issue you may have.

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