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What It Takes To Be A Roofer

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What It Takes To Be A Roofer

    As we have mentioned in a lot of our previous blogs, Daniel and I became roofers at a young age. We were drawn to roofing because it offered as many hours as we wanted to work and more pay than most seventeen year olds are used to.  We were both young and I don’t think either of us imagined we would be starting a roofing company nearly a decade later.  We learned a lot over the last ten years and we believe the results speak for themselves, but what does it really take to be a roofer?

    1: It takes a strong attention to details.  Though it may seem easy to install shingles tiny mistakes can result in this or this. The number one mistake that homeowners make when hiring a roofing company is not realizing the importance of what that company is doing for their home.  A roof is like windshield wiper fluid in your car, most of the time you take for granted that it will be there but if suddenly you run out in the middle of a Canadian spring, you could be in big trouble.  Small details like keeping your windshield washer fluid topped up are the heart and soul of roofing. Your roofer has to make sure that they are not leaving exposed nails, that your capping is flush, vents are properly installed, and that valley’s are properly protected from ice dams and weathering.  If any of these issues are neglected it could end up costing you thousands of dollars!

    2: A roofer has to have a strong constitution.  The very nature or roofing demands that people who choose it as a career spend most summer days outside. If you are susceptible to heat stroke, chills, or simply made miserable by being outside on a windy day than roofing is definitely not for you.

    3: Some trades do not demand that the people who practice them are very strong.  For example, while most mechanics are in good shape, it is not necessary that a mechanic be very strong.  The same applies for electricians and plumbers.  While most of the people who engage in these trades ARE strong it is not an absolute requirement for the job.  However, when i comes to roofing it is absolutely necessary that you be physically strong with a good sense of balance.  I will never forget my first few weeks on the roof and how sore I was, but you get used to it and eventually you become impressed by your physical abilities.

    4: A truly great roofer needs experience.  The best roofers I have ever met have been doing it for many years and have encountered most if not all the problems that a roof has to offer.  Generally speaking they are also able to quickly accomplish quality work which ensures you don’t have to worry about your yard and roof being taken over by a roofing company for more than a day or two.  

  • Jemini johnson
    Posted at 23:07h, 08 March Reply

    Hi i like your article and what it say. Roofing isnt rocket science but one small mistake can turn into a huge problem. Roofers have to pay attention to detail. When your flashing a wall , say you miss one piece of flashing that little mistake can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. We cannot be lazy in ougr trade.

    • peakroofing
      Posted at 09:53h, 09 March Reply

      Thanks for your comment Jemini! You’re totally right, even a one inch gap in your walling flashing can be thousands of dollars! Most people don’t realize, but you need to have a really strong attention to detail in order to do roofing! Keep soldiering on my friend!

  • Rochell Smith
    Posted at 12:45h, 23 August Reply

    Roofers should be highly trained because a single mistake can cause a big problem.

    • peakroofing
      Posted at 09:31h, 09 March Reply

      You’re 100% right, Rochell! People who have never done it before think it’s basic, but you really have to know what you’re doing or else the results can be catastrophic!

  • Kathy
    Posted at 10:59h, 08 February Reply

    Alrghit alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

    • peakroofing
      Posted at 09:19h, 09 March Reply

      Love getting comments like these 🙂

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