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What I Love About Roofing

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What I Love About Roofing

    I need to be honest with you: I really enjoy the roofing industry! To many people, roofing carries a reputation of being extremely hard work, complicated, and difficult and bears an association with perhaps less than desirable people. And honestly, all of those things do manifest themselves at different times and in various measures within the industry. So why do we do it?


    Even aside from being able to provide for my family and make an honest living, there are a number of things that I really enjoy about the roofing industry! First of all, it may be a foreign concept to some but I truly enjoy the hard work of it all!! There is something gratifying to me about pushing your body to it’s limit (especially under the radiant sun all day!), working hard as a team and being able to look back on your days work and what you accomplished with pride. And to me, it feels great knowing that you have provided people with something of value that will protect themselves, their families and their belongings for the next 20 years whether they even think about it or not!


    In my opinion, many roofing companies are spoiled by the fact that roofing is such a necessity! As such, they know they can show up, be a little cheaper than the next guy and still pick up their fair share of jobs. To me, there is something slightly disingenuous about only holding yourself up to a certain standard because of your competition. In that case, once the standards of your competition fall backwards so do yours! I would rather ignore the competition to a degree and focus primarily on how we can do great work and bring as much value to customers as possible in the form of first class customer service.


    Finally, the best part of the work is all the different people you get to meet. From enthusiastic and diverse clients, to the honourable men I am proud to call my coworkers, my great hope with this company is to do more than just build roofs, but to build communities as well. I aim to do this not exclusively by following traditional “civic engagement practices” for businesses (which can often be self-serving) but by providing a name in home improvement that homeowners can trust, providing good paying and quality employment to our workers as well as healthy and safe work environments and improving the construction of buildings across our great city! When you need a quote for your next roofing project you know where to find us!


What do YOU love about your job? Leave a comment below and let people know why you do what you do!

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