When you ask young primary school students what they want be when they grow up, I am pretty sure a profession as a roofer would not be on their mind. Being a roofer in Hamilton has its perks, and after giving it a little thought you too might consider choosing it as career. Roofing contractors in Hamilton are able to make a decent living and enjoy their career, as well as maintain a very good work-life balance.

    The stigma with trades and labour jobs is instilled at a very young age by parents and teachers. The lack of guidance and career counseling regarding these professions also contribute in fewer people considering these professions. This has resulted in a heavy labour shortage in roofing and trades. And Hamilton roofing contractors are always trying to break the stigma by educating people through mediums like this blog, encouraging them to give this career a chance.

    There has been a lot of emphasis on career paths that require you to go through universities and colleges, which is a good thing. But due to almost every one going this route, the job market after graduation is saturated. Everyone wants to be part of this rat race, which often results in young fresh graduates struggling to find jobs and feeling frustrated. Young kids need to be educated about diverse and interesting career paths, instead of being wrongly told that the only path to success is through a university or college.

    One of the major reasons why people avoid a career as a roofer in Hamilton is because they unwittingly assume that the pay is low in these professions. On the contrary, the pay in trades is at an all time high. A roofer and tradesman can make a pretty decent income; a skilled tradesman who owns all his own tools and equipment can make over $1000 a day.

    Trade companies had been exploiting and really profiting off the labour force, they had unfair industry wide rates. The employers controlled and set the wages, which were low. But things have drastically changed due to labour shortage the workers have more control on the pay check they receive. Because skilled workers are hard to come by, they are able to make a lot of money by attaining a skill in the trades. The funny thing is they also get paid while they get trained and educated. Trades and roofer apprentices are making money while they are learning and honing their skills in trades.

    Working as a roofer may be a little difficult and it may challenge you physically, but what job is not difficult or demanding? The good feeling you get after a good day at work, when you realize that you have made your living with your hard work and efforts is truly an amazing feeling.

    The economy keeps swinging up and down. With economic crisis always looming, it is a good idea to stay out of student loans and debts. People often completely ignore trades and labour jobs and not realizing the potential these jobs have. The job security in these jobs is amazing. Furthermore, because of higher labour rates, you would be surprised how you can make twice as much after a couple of years as a roofer in Hamilton, compared to what you would make after a 4 year degree in most fields, and that too without student debt.

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