Whenever the time to fix or upgrade the roof of your house comes there is often a dilemma about who
to choose as a roofing contracto. Given the plethora of roofing companies in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding areas, it can be easy to be tempted to go for the cheapest quote
in hopes to save a few bucks, but this often leads to you paying a lot more down the line.

Making the Right Comparison

The statement, you get what you pay for is mostly true for roofing work as there are so many variables
to consider in roofing that you can easily be fooled by low price quotations that offer low quality

A good roofing contractor in Hamilton will usually give you a detailed rundown of the total cost. This way you can easily understand what you are getting for the investment.

On the other hand an unprofessional roofing contractor, who is out to make a quick buck, will usually
give you a total amount and you will have no idea of what is and what is not included in the total bill.

Check for Services Included

After you get quotes from the roofing contractors make sure you are making a fair comparison, and not
comparing apples to oranges. You need to see what services the roofing contractor is including in the
quotes, for example do they offer underlayment or there is no underlayment. The cost would also vary if additional ventilation is included in the roofing job as well as several other factors. A quality contractor will explain all the variance in quality and help you find a solution that works to give you the best bang for your buck long term while working within your budget.

The Material Used

The types of material used by the contractor for the roof will also make a huge difference in the cost
of the job. Shingles are obviously the most important materials used in roofing. Therefore the type, quality and the manufacturer of the shingles matter and different quality shingles will have different price ranges.

Never go with roofing contractors who will cut down the prices by compromising on the quality of the
material by selecting inferior and cheap material. The value of using quality materials will pay for itself
every time.

Honouring Warranties

Another important factor that affects the pricing is the integrity of the contractor, honest contractors
will keep their word and will honor their warranties. On the contrary those who cut down prices will not be able to afford to keep their word and will back out from the warranties and it is you, the customer, who suffers.

In case of a problem, the company that is charging bottom of the barrel prices will not have the profit
margins per job to be able to service their customers in a profitable way. Not only that, but because of the lack of quality due to cheap labour, they will often have a deluge of warranty issues because they did not do a good job.

Cheap and Unskilled Labour Is a Bad Sign

A reputable roofing contractor in Oakville is concerned about providing high quality service at a fair
market price, as well as customer satisfaction as a whole. While there are some contractors who do not
care about providing quality service to their customers and whose primary concern is to land jobs at the lowest price so they can make a quick buck by cutting corners, using substandard material and cheap labour. Keep in mind the cheapest labour is NOT skilled.

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