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Into the Future Part 2: Solar Shingles

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Into the Future Part 2: Solar Shingles

One of the most exciting things about the roofing industry is how fast it is transforming!  As we pointed out in an early blog asphalt shingles have not always been the norm and they won’t be forever.  In fact, there is a company in Canada right now that is producing and installing a brave new kind of roof.  SolarShingle is offering a product that looks distinctly like traditional shingles but also provides cheap electricity and potential monetary gains from selling power back to the grid!


People have the tendency to forget that the sun already powers most of the Earth.  The sun powers weather, causing wind, rain, and heat; it’s the original source of oil and gas; and it powers all forms of animal and plant life.  By using solar energy to power your home you are really just cutting out the middle man. As solar panels become more common the valuable space provided by roofs will be sold at a premium to power companies.


Unfortunately, the current estimate for how much a solar shingle roof will cost you is around $30,000 plus. That is not affordable for most homeowners, but the good news is that the cost of making solar panels is decreasing rapidly! At Peak Roofing we believe that solar panels will be utilized to power most of the earth in humanity’s future.  So even if you can’t afford solar panels now, we believe most people will be able to afford them a decade from now.  


For people building their own home, solar shingles are a really interesting way to go.  It will up the value of your property and ensure a source of power and income.  Imagine receiving a cheque every month instead of a power bill!  The only issue with installing solar panels now is that the technology is advancing so quickly that solar panels installed today may be almost obsolete compared to their successors a decade from now.


Whether you decide to install solar shingles now, or wait till they are cheaper and more efficient.  The future of power generation and eco-friendly energy.  You don’t have to look far to see giants of industry getting in on this new trend.  Elon Musk, the founder of Paypal, Tesla, and Space X is one of the biggest investors in solar energy and he isn’t known for investing in failures.  Whether you are a roofing contractor or a home owner thinking of inventive ways to reduce your power bill, solar shingles/panels are the way of the future.   

This blog is Part 4 of a 4 part series on roofing throughout the ages: 2 posts looking at the history of roofing and 2 posts looking into the future!


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