Being a roofer requires a warrior’s spirit. Through all nature of peril and hazard a roofer is required to work with speed and precision. Roofing requires working as a team and being self-sacrificial in order to get the job done. It requires stepping up to the plate for the good of the team. Roofing is not for the faint of heart!

Business Insider even categorized it as as the 4th worst job in the U.S.

But I don’t believe Business Insider is correct. I think roofing is a great job. The camaradie built with your crew members is unlike almost anything I have encountered. Listening to the radio with the sun glistening off your shoulders. Putting your mind to a task that requires a high degree of effort and skill. Razzing your fellow crew members and being razzed in return. Being able to look at what you accomplished at the end of the day and be proud of your work. All these aspects bring a lot of enjoyment. Not to mention that as society drives young people towards universities and white collar jobs there is a massive demand for skilled workers in the roofing industry. This means good wages for roofers. Roofing is also one aspect of homeownership which is absolutely imperative and therefore always in demand!

The Difficulties of Roofing

Of course there are difficult aspects to roofing. There are days when you are just dead tired from going hard the last few days. There are days when you have cuts on your hands and arms from small injuries accrued previously. At Peak Roofing we always do our best to keep our workers in good spirits and provide a positive work environment. But naturally there are days where people are more motivated than others. It can be painful and dangerous work. Working with sharp blades, handling fiber glass shingles that have the texture of sandpaper and pneumatic nail guns all pose hazards on a job site. Not to mention working at heights and hanging off ropes on steep surfaces takes a lot of effort and guts to perform!

The Dangers of Roofing

The recent inquisition into the cause behind 3 deaths of workers near Hamilton, Ontario in our industry drives home the necessity to take the proper precautions and use all the required safety equipment in order to ensure a good safety record for a roofing company. All it takes is a split second for things to go wrong and roofers literally put themselves on the line every day to protect peoples homes and do a job that very few want to do. But that is kind of the beauty of it. Knowing that you have accomplished something when you finish a roof that very few people would be brave enough, strong enough or skilled enough to attempt is a big part of what makes roofing so satisfying.

Hearing stories about how arduous roofing is from those who take on a DIY job really puts things into perspective how difficult it is for those of us who do it every day. It is easy to start to take the work load involved for granted!

Roofers are Human

People may think that people in the roofing industry are all hard nosed and gritty with hearts of stone. In my experience the opposite is true. Being a roofer and facing the rigorous demands of the job does not make you any less of a human or in need of love. However, the macho “suck-it-up” environment can make people feel like their emotions aren’t valid and you learn to keep it inside. Two of the toughest guys I have ever met in roofing that could handle any physical challenge have sadly ended up taking their own lives and I believe strongly that it has to do with the fact that they have no outlet or people to talk to in order to vent their frustrations.

The Demands of Roofing Requires a Team First Attitude

Aside from the physical requirements and effort, roofing bears another resemblance to war in the sense that the leadership and teamwork involved in putting a roof together is of utmost importance. Everyone must understand their role and act to fulfill it in a timely manner. They must pull their weight to have the whole team come together and be successful. When even one guy isn’t fulfilling their role the whole process crumbles and makes life more difficult for everyone else.

It’s not easy being a roofer and it’s not for the faint of heart. It is difficult, dangerous and at times can feel thankless. But with the right team and the right leaders it can be one of the most gratifying jobs. You know you were able to meet the challenge head on and overcome it, just like a soldier would. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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