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Roofing In The Winter

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Roofing In The Winter

    One of the most important factors for all homeowners and contractors to be aware of is how the weather unique to their area affects the performance of work on the exterior of the home. Roofing is one of the most important elements at play here and Canada is no exception, namely: the challenges of roofing in the winter months.


    In Florida, for example, roofing contractors are advised to implement a 6 nail per shingle approach due to the high wind velocity during hurricane season as opposed to the 4-5 nail per shingle approach used in other areas of North America. The reality of how sub-zero temperatures affect roofing in the winter months is one of the biggest issues that contractors in the Great White North need to address.


    Having a quality underlayment installed is the first step to keep homeowners well protected. Starting with a nice, tightly installed drip edge and sealing that in with a layer of Ice and Water Shield so that there is still protection from leaks, wind driven rain and ice dams even if the shingles fail is the first step in keeping homeowners well protected. But what about homeowners who find themselves in the middle of an emergency situation during or just prior to the hostile winter months?


    Generally speaking, roofing in the winter in Canada can be done, but is not a particularly good idea. This is where being proactive as a homeowner really pays off. While we fully understand that making your roof last as long as possible is a priority for homeowners, the penalty for pushing it too far can be catastrophic! If you experience a leak or some other form of emergency during or just prior to winter, it may not be possible to have your issue fully addressed for a few months!


    The reason is that the roofing installation process was not designed to be done in sub-zero temperatures. Shingles become brittle, water vapor in the compressors turn to ice, “blowing through” the shingles with the nail gun is much more common and the “self-seal” strips that adhere the shingles together often do not have a chance to do their job for up to multiple months. In addition to all that, it is also more dangerous and less pleasant conditions for the workers as well. Since most good roofing contractors become busier and busier as the season goes on, you may find that putting it off for too long means that nobody can take care of your situation right away the longer you wait into the year. That is by no means a scare tactic, (and we always recommend getting multiple roofing estimates) it is simply the reality of our industry.


    At Peak Roofing, we care more about giving our customers the best value rather than extracting every last possible cent out of our fiscal year. That is why we made the decision that outside of emergency situations we do not do roofing in the winter. So if you have any questions during the warmer months, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss any issues you are having. We get paid for installing roofs, but our expertise is free!

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