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The Roofing Contractor From Hell

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The Roofing Contractor From Hell

    Generally speaking, I am proud to call myself a roofing contractor. Despite the fact that roofers sometimes carry a bad reputation, the majority of roofers that I know are honourable, hard working people. However, there are stories in my industry that surface from time to time that make me absolutely sick. (News story contained in hyperlink)


    For those who don’t have time to read the story yourselves, allow me to summarize: A homeowner needed ice dams removed and a new roof installed. They hired a roofing contractor to do the work for $14,600 who initially seemed competent. When this work was done, they were initially so happy with the company that they contracted out their kitchen and bathroom renovation as well. That’s when things took a turn for the worse. The company hadn’t properly addressed the ice dam issue, which led to water backing up and damaging the interior of their home. All of a sudden the company was uncooperative and hard to get a hold of. The homeowners rightfully decided to nullify the contracts for the kitchen and bathroom work only to find out that the company had placed a lein against their house for MORE than the full amount that they owed! The final amount came in at a whopping $107,000!!!


    As a contractor, this makes me absolutely furious. Our #1 job is to do great work and honour our quotes. I believe that the best way to build a successful roofing company is to take care of your clients needs and do whatever you can to take responsibility for whatever issues that they have. If we acted like this, I hope (in fact I KNOW) that we wouldn’t be in business long. Sadly, knowing how to protect yourself against bad contractors is still very important in order to find the many great Hamilton roofing companies out there.


    Fortunately, this is a particularly nasty example of a bad contractor experience, but smaller issues like this happen all the time. At Peak Roofing, we have built our business on a policy that customer service ALWAYS comes first.










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