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Roofers in Hamilton: How I Started Roofing

roofers in hamilton

Roofers in Hamilton: How I Started Roofing

    Yes, that picture is really me at 17! Growing up, I never imagined I would own a roofing company or even imagined I would be one of the many great roofers in Hamilton! On the other hand I have always been entrepreneurial and I have always been driven by two things: success and adventure. When I was around 8 I was the best house league hockey goalie in the league, so, naturally I imagined I was destined for the NHL. Of course, I was a natural forward so I’m pretty sure that’s why I didn’t make it! (hehe) 😉


    As for adventure, call me old fashioned, but I come from a generation where my mom made me and my brother play outside for hours. With that deeply ingrained in us from a very early age, we developed a love for exploring, inventing games and basically just chasing down whatever adventure we could find. The only problem was that the adventure was limited to whatever we could find on our property!


    So considering those two things, I suppose it’s no surprise that at the age of 17 when all my friends were off drinking, having bonfires and camping I decided that I was going to fly out to Alberta and do roofing for the summer. Things have changed now, but at that time Alberta was desperate for people to work which meant that I was offered the staggering sum of $15 an hour! I didn’t even know any roofers in Hamilton at the time!


    It didn’t take long before I found out that roofing wasn’t as easy as I imagined it would be. We worked every day that there wasn’t rain, generally for 12-16 hours a day doing back breaking work. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t multiple times that I thought of quitting except for the fact that I was stranded out in the prairies 2,000 kilometers from home!


    But I pushed through, put my head down, worked as hard as I could and did what I was told. I don’t think that kind of work comes naturally to most 17 year olds, (to be honest it didn’t come naturally to me at the time), but I think it was instrumental in shaping me into kind of man I am glad I have become. As someone with ambition, ideas and a sense of adventure it was important for me to learn how to focus on being practical and completing the task at hand rather than constantly thinking about what I would rather be doing.

    Fast forward to today and I’m still applying the lessons I learned all those years ago, trying to be one of the best roofers in Hamilton. Call me crazy, but I love the feeling of a hard day’s work and being able to look with pride on the work I accomplished in that day and the fact that I was able to help keep something as important as a roof over people’s heads. As an entrepreneur, I experience success and adventure everyday, but I wouldn’t be where I am without the lessons I learned as a 17 year old kid working 80 hours a week under the hot Albertan sun!

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  • misha
    Posted at 16:05h, 06 September Reply

    I love all the start up stories!! i can really relate even though it was not me exctly who started it!! but if the story is good i just want to get in it!!!!

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