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Into the Past: Roofing in Roman Times

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Into the Past: Roofing in Roman Times

It’s interesting to think about how people lived in various times throughout human history. Although there were things that they did differently than us in Roman times, or didn’t know yet (like the fact that the earth is round or that we revolve around the sun not vice versa), at the end of the day, these were people just like you and me; trying to provide for their families and keep a good roof over their heads!


Personally, I find it fascinating to look back through time and think about the ways people took care of something so fundamental as keeping a roof over their head, a human necessity that is so often taken for granted today! The people in Roman times were especially adept at this.


They developed a system called imbrex and tegula to funnel water off their roofs. It actually bears a lot of similarities to what developed into the asphalt shingles that we use today!


Even still, 2,000 years later, keeping a roof over our heads remains a basic human necessity! That’s why I put together some valuable information on how the modern homeowner can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by being able to asses whether they need a new roof or if a repair would suffice. Unlike the Romans our roofs aren’t made of marble (although wouldn’t that be nice??).


I hope you got a bit of a smile out of this, dear readers! And good luck out there. You don’t want to fall into the hands of any fly by night roofers!


This blog is Part 1 of a 4 part series on roofing throughout the ages: 2 posts looking at the history of roofing and 2 posts looking into the future!


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