How Roofing Companies Advertise (And Why We Don't Like It) - Hamilton Roofing Company
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How Roofing Companies Advertise (And Why We Don’t Like It)

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How Roofing Companies Advertise (And Why We Don’t Like It)

   The most common blog post in the roofing industry is some variation of how to hire the right contractor. Generally speaking these blogs are informative pieces telling people to make sure the company has been around for awhile, has insurance, and there are various pieces of advice on whether or not jobs should be done by subcontractors or directly overseen by the company owner. The roofing industry knows that there is a high and constant demand for our services due to the necessity of the service we offer and so some roofing companies advertise by slandering other companies rather than building a great company themselves.


   Of course, as roofing company owners ourselves we are used to this kind of conversation. People always want to know that they are making the right choice with such an important purchase.  However, we are a little disgusted when roofing companies advertise with videos like this. Of course, the video is quite funny and as far as advertising goes it may be effective, but it perpetuates a very poor image of the roofing industry in general.  And really, the roofing industry is one of the only industries where companies attempt to create an advantage by making it seem as if they competitors are incompetent buffoons.  For example, this Apple commercial makes fun of Microsoft. It does not say that anyone who owns a Microsoft product is an idiot, just that they are out of date.  If you compare these two marketing techniques, one questions the credibility of an entire industry and one simply tries to highlight the qualities that make their product/service better.


   Here at Peak Roofing we recommend that you get multiple estimates because we want people to have options.  That is how the free market works and we believe that we offer a unique experience at a good price with quality workmanship!  We don’t think every other company is terrible and shouldn’t even be considered, in fact we encourage it.

   The roofing industry is already looked down on as a dirty occupation and commercials like that only serve to cement stereotypes.  As we have said in previous blogs roofing is an honourable profession that requires skill and a hard day’s work.  It is also an ancient profession and making fun of people who do it makes about as much sense as making fun of any other industry.  Here at Peak Roofing we believe that if the only way you differentiate your company is by making fun of others in the industry, then you probably aren’t a good business to begin with.

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