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How Much Does A Roof Cost?

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How Much Does A Roof Cost?

Ever since I started roofing at 17, I’ve always thought it was a little unfair to customers that Hamilton roofing companies are often so ambiguous upfront when customers want answers to the question “how much does a roof cost”? On one hand, I fully understand that companies don’t want to be on the hook for suggesting a price that’s too low and they don’t want to drive away customers by guessing a price that is too high. On the other hand, I believe Hamilton homeowners are smart enough to know the difference between being given a ballpark estimate vs. a detailed, written quote. We’ve always been proud to let homeowners know exactly what they can expect from a Peak Roofing installation.


The truth is that there IS a significant degree of fluctuation in price based on the kind of job and the company you are requesting an estimate from. But generally speaking, the majority of Peak Roofing estimates are going to fall somewhere between $5,000 on the low  end to usually not more than $8,000 on the high end. It should go without saying that the most significant factor in price is the size of the roof, but there are other factors as well such as how steep your roof is, how “cut up” it is (aka lots of different angles, hips, valleys etc.) and the quality of materials used.


Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? Then why is it so hard to get this information out of roofing contractors? The reality is that most Hamilton roofing companies are started by shinglers who think they can make more money by working for themselves. They know very little about business and marketing, so they cling to any tiny element of differentiation or proprietary information that they can. At Peak Roofing, we know the value of our work so we aren’t afraid to give a straight answer when people ask the question “how much does a roof cost”? Our focus is on offering great work at a fair price and providing first class customer service to our clients rather than beating the competitors by $50.


You will frequently see two opposing forces working simultaneously in the Hamilton roofing market. The first is fly by night roofers who will come in with low ball offers that make homeowners eyes pop, but do not carry insurance, wsib and will not be around to take care of any warranty or maintenance issues you may need to have taken care of on your roof.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are also very large companies that go into estimates knowing that they have name recognition and engage in price gouging just because they are a name that some homeowners trust. The reality is that they are not doing better work than any of the other legitimate roofing companies in Hamilton but homeowners have paid substantially more for the service!


So there you have it! As always, we HIGHLY recommend getting multiple estimates on your roof so that you can better gauge the market and get a bit of a feel for what different companies are offering and the various pricing that is happening around the city. A minimum of three roofing estimates is ideal to set you on the right path to making the right decision for your home!


Exactly how much does a roof cost for your home in particular? To request a free roofing estimate for your home simply call 905-746-5792 or e-mail [email protected].

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