Drip Edge Installation
A drip edge helps keep the roof underlayment in place and shield the roof against moisture damage

This blog about drip edge is part of a 6 part series on roofing underlayment. To access the main page of this series and learn more go to Roofing Underlayment 101: An Overview Of Roofing Underlayment.

Drip edge is a protective metal flashing, usually aluminum, that is fitted around the edge of your roof. It supports the shingles and shields the perimeter of your roof against moisture damage. Drip edge installation is increasingly common in Canadian homes. It’s even recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA!

Advantages of Drip Edge 

Protects Against Moisture 

One of the primary advantages of drip edge is moisture protection because it helps create a watertight seal around the edge of the roof. This prevents water from seeping into the otherwise exposed areas and causing rot. Furthermore, its design helps direct the water flow away from the fascia towards the gutters. 

Prevents Ice Damming

In winter, ice dams can form at the edge of the roof. This will obstruct the proper drainage of water from melting snow off the roof. The water can accumulate behind the ice dam and leak into your home, causing great damage. A drip edge installation prevents ice damming in the first place and thus, saves you the trouble of dealing with such issues. 

Deters Pest Infestation 

A squirrel finds a new home in someones attic because they didn't have drip edge on their roof.
A drip edge seals off the perimeter of your roof which are primary targets for critters looking for a nice warm home.

By sealing any gaps around the perimeter of the roof, you can help prevent any animals or bugs from gaining entry into your attic and building their nest. If not addressed early, such infestations can quickly build up and cause significant damage to your home.. 

Helps Maintain Structural Integrity 

A drip edge provides support to the shingles and helps prevent the shingles at the roof edge from curling down. It also allows your shingles sufficient support to overhang well past your roof edge and into your trough.

Helps Increase Roof Lifespan

Since drip edge reduces both roof damage as a result of moisture and provides support to the roofing system, it can help extend its lifespan. This also translates to less frequent repairs, and replacement, allowing you to save plenty of money in the long run. 


Nowadays, drip edge comes available in all shapes and sizes, and can even be custom ordered. Some are highly decorative, some work better with certain types of roofs over others and some are easier to install than others. Factoring in your budget and your needs, your roofer can recommend which style will work best for your home. 

When installing, make sure each piece is overlapping the next to create a tight seal and a seamless look. The face of the drip edge must overlap the gutter to prevent water flowing onto the fascia and causing damage. If you are looking to have a new drip edge installed at your home or want to replace your old one in Hamilton or surrounding areas, hire the pros at Peak Roofing for the job. For a free estimate, call us anytime at 905-746-5792 or email us at info@peakroofing.ca.

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