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Why IKO Is The Worst Shingle In Roofing

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Why IKO Is The Worst Shingle In Roofing

When making repairs to your roofing shingle system or installing a new roofing system, there are several factors you will want to consider. One of the most important is the shingles you use and this blog is to warn you to stay away from IKO!

#1 is the roofing company you hire. You want to make sure they will do a quality job. Make sure they have a good online reputation!

#2 is the contract itself. Different companies may be proposing to do different things and it’s important that you try to get a good sense of each company’s proposal. For example, one company may be cheaper but are going to install the shingles directly onto the plywood (not the best idea) while another company may be a bit higher priced but are proposing to do a better job with a quality underlayment system between the shingles and plywood (more on how roofing companies in Hamilton use underlayment to extend roofing life expentency here)

#3 the materials being used. The quality of roofing shingles is extremely important. Saving a few hundred on materials at the time of installation is not worth it in the long run, trust me!

And that brings us to today’s topic. The #1 shingle that you want to stay away from when installing your roof is: IKO! Stay away from BOTH the Cambridge and Marathon brands. They have come out with a new line called Dynasty that is actually serviceable and those aren’t as bad but are also more expensive and I still don’t stand behind their manufacturing.

Since you do not purchase a roof every day it is important to understand the differences in quality in materials. If the shingles you purchase are of an inferior quality you will have nothing but problems in the future.

IKO shingles offer a low quality product that is often proposed by contractors looking to keep money in their pockets by cutting corners.

The following are some of the many problems with IKO shingles:

Poorly Designed Tar Line

One of the major reasons many expert roofing contractors discourage the use of IKO shingles is their tar line. All manufacturers will have their shingles manufactured with a tar line on every shingle. The main purpose to have tar lines is to have the tar melted due to the sun’s heat and have the shingles stick together. This way, the shingles adhere to each other nicely.

But unfortunately the tar line on IKO shingles is notoriously terrible. Their shingles are incapable of holding together and maintaining the seal. One time I did a roof inspection for a client that had an IKO roof put on only 3 years ago. We checked his shingles and discovered that nearly 20% of all the shingles on his roof had broken their sealant due to the poor quality and cheap manufacturing on the tar lines!

IKO Shingles Are Incapable Of Withstanding Strong Winds

Out of all shingles, IKO are the weakest and are the most prone to damage and wear in tear. Wind storms can easily cause serious damage to their shingles that require emergency repairs. When I do roof repairs after wind storms, literally almost 100% of the repairs I do are to IKO shingles. I strongly recommend not settling for cheap and poor quality shingles that are substandard. They will cost you a lot more than other better quality shingles due to frequent repairs!

The IKO Shingles Have a Poor Design

IKO shingles are bad at holding moisture and easily curl making your roof look bad and damaged even though you may have installed them recently. IKO shingles allow moisture to escape easier and so they crack and splinter in the heat much faster. GAF and Certainteed shingles are more durable and last longer in the sunlight.

The Bottom Line

Stay away from any quotes that are proposing to use IKO! Stick to high quality shingles they are more practical as they last longer and do not require much repair.

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